I am a former high school teacher and environmental educator who then went to medical school specifically to become a psychiatrist (which is a little like joining the football team to become the kicker). My mom was a therapist and I like to think that the attraction to psychotherapy runs in the family.

After completing residency in 2005, I moved to Fort Collins with my wife and three girls. I started off working at a psychiatric hospital before moving to the Wholeness Center. I now work solo on lovely Mountain Avenue.

My wife Elizabeth Harrison is a sex and relationship therapist and I collaborate with her frequently, giving my patients an added realm of expertise. My experience as a husband and father deeply informs my clinical work.


In addition to producing my psychiatric podcast, Back From the Abyss,  I was a co-therapist in the Phase 3 trial of MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy for Severe PTSD, currently operating out of the Wholeness Center in Fort Collins. Working with psychedelic medicines like MDMA and ketamine has been a dream come true.

I was a participant in Dr. Rick Strassman’s groundbreaking DMT study at the University of New Mexico (chronicled in the book “The Spirit Molecule”) in the late ‘90s. I remember meeting with him during the study and telling him that I wanted to work with psychedelics someday. “That’s going to be a long way off,” he said.

And now, it appears that day has arrived.


BA (Biology) - Colorado College

MS (Conservation Biology) - UW-Madison

MD - University of New Mexico

Residency - Brown University

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