Although my general psychiatric practice is often full, I can also see patients for ketamine treatments as a consulting psychiatrist. In these cases, patients come to me for ketamine treatment only and continue with their psychiatric clinician.

Before starting ketamine treatment, I meet with patients to evaluate whether ketamine is appropriate. I have done over two thousand IM and IV treatments over the last few years and now am much more able to predict who will benefit.

Predictors of a positive response include severity of depressive symptoms (more severe symptoms = greater probability of improvement), depression with hypersomnia (oversleeping), bipolar and mixed depressive episodes, seasonal worsening, and suicidality.

Patients with hypertension, sleep apnea, or cardiac issues are often not good candidates for ketamine. Patients taking daily opioids or Suboxone/buprenorphine are not as likely to benefit from ketamine treatment.


I usually start patients with a sub-dissociative IV or IM treatment, followed by a higher dose, fully dissociative treatment within the next week. This combination typically reveals whether the patient will have a positive response.

Ketamine responders appear to fall into three groups:

  • Some patients will need 2-3 treatments and then return to their usual outpatient treatment.
  • Those in the bipolar spectrum will typically complete 2-4 treatments in the fall/winter transition.
  • A final group with chronic treatment resistant depression or PTSD will often benefit from monthly maintenance treatments.


After treatment, patients often say things like:

“Life doesn’t seem so hard. I can walk the dog. It feels like a weight has been lifted.”

“My mind feels cleaner, power washed; the darkness is gone.”

“The cobwebs in my brain aren’t there anymore. I can think, I can handle things.”

“The suicidal thoughts have moved way back. Quieted. I want to live.”


This mini-episode of my podcast, Back From the Abyss, explores some of the most frequently asked questions about ketamine:

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Who definitely shouldn't do ketamine?


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